The Human Firewall

Regardless of your security measures, humans are the weakest link in your security. We have you covered. Get in touch!

Humans are the weakest link and biggest threat to cyber security. As someone said, there is a heartbeat behind every cyber attack. In this case it's internal. The users that like to click on everything they see or they get. More than 95% of the cyber attacks happen due to human error. Someone clicking a link they shouldn't be clicking or installing software, giving away the passwords, so on so forth. So how do you prevent this?


cyber attacks happen due to human error

The answer is Email Phishing & Security Awareness Training.

We provide a platform that can simulate the Phishing emails and send it to your users. Thus finding who is vulnerable to clicking on these links. If someone does click on them they will be automatically assigned a training course on the platform. It's that simple. You don't need to send emails reminding people not to open attachments from anonymous sources, you don't need to do class room style training and definitely don't need to create your own training content. It's all there for you. All you need to do is how many licence subscriptions you need.

The platform offers a phish alert button for Outlook, USB drop tests, a voicemail test, integration with Active Directory, thousands of templates inbuilt, nearly 700 training modules, 29 different languages, granular reporting features, security roles for different departments, fun and engaging training content and most of all it doesn't cost an arm n leg.

Phish Alert for Outlook

USB Drop Tests

700 Training Modules

Conquer the human error. If you get hit with ransomware due to human error of an employee, KnowBe4 will pay your ransom. We think now is a very good time for you to seize the moment and train your employees with Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training. We help you be more proactive and train employees to learn which Red Flags to look for and how to keep themselves and your network protected.

The answer is Email Phishing & Security Awareness Training.



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