SMS Oilfield IT Digitisation

SMS Oilfield has been trying to find a provider that can help with the digitisation of the company.

The Problem

SMS Oilfield has been trying to find a provider that can help with the digitisation of the company. It needed a better connectivity, flexible and scalable communication channels, Robust security and yet having a single point of contact for these services.

The current internet connectivity to the site was too low on bandwidth, paying more than the market rates. The telephony system is costing the company a lot in terms of licenses, hardware, maintenance, and support. Sagar, IT Administrator at SMS began the search for a provider that can address the company’s challenges.

Being the specialist in Digitisation and CyberSecurity, TechForce stepped in for the rescue. Sagar said, “I was looking for a local supplier who can do what we wanted. I met Jai by chance. He came to see me, listened carefully and promised to get the job done. I could only say he under promised.”

What We Did

TechForce started by drafting a project scope. Once the scope was approved by SMS we placed the order for 500Mbps leased line. That is 50 times faster than the current connection. The benefits of the faster connection are:

  • Improved communications across the organisation
  • Leveraging the cloud technologies
  • Migration to the cloud was much easier
  • Enough bandwidth to deploy a cloud-based telephony system

Once the Internet leased line is in place TechForce started deploying cloud-based telephony system. The benefits of this system were:

  • No CapEx investment
  • A scalable and reliable solution
  • Call charges were a fraction of what it was before
  • Mobile apps & softphones for remote workforce
  • Flexible working
  • Time saved with IT admin overhead

TechForce also implemented a cloud-based backup & Disaster Recovery solution reducing the current costs to a fraction. Some of the benefits were:

  • No upfront costs
  • No admin time involved
  • Completely automated
  • Easily scalable & recoverable

Finally, TechForce helped SMS with deploying a centrally managed Security solution to keep the SMS systems secure. We also helped SMS with a platform to train their employees on Email Phishing & Security Awareness.

With the connectivity at it’s best, SMS is now moved their infrastructure completely to Cloud. This enabled the company to save costs on hardware costs for server and backup infrastructure.

What We Did

​With the help of TechForce provided solutions, SMS benefited from

  • Digitisation of IT
  • Efficient internal communications
  • A scalable IT infrastructure for company’s growth
  • Less CapEx investment


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