How to use Technology to Automate Business Mileage Logging? 

If you are using your personal car for the business like myself, how are you logging the miles? Pen and Paper? Yuck!

I had trouble with this until I came across MileIQ iOS app. This is good, No-nonsense. It automatically logs all the drives in the background and asks you to classify whether it’s personal or business [Yes, it does drain the battery quicker]. I am really impressed by the app until I ran out of FEE allowance.. haha. Now I have upgraded. The FREE version gives you 40 trips per month and you will run out of them very quickly. Either £4.49 per month or £44.50 per year will give you unlimited trips. It is only the 3rd of March today and I have already logged £28 worth of business mileage. I think the app is worth every penny as it makes my life easier/automated.

If you are self-employed, Small business owner and drive the personal car for the company this is the best way to keep track of your mileage. You can thank me later. Have fun!

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