Do you need a CRM software?

A couple of months ago I met with a Business Development manager for a local company. We chatted for a while and at one point the person said, I am really busy managing the customer information. I said how do you do that? She replied ‘Excel spreadsheet’. Wow!

We have nothing against Excel spreadsheets. In fact, they are great if you have small amounts of info but I am not sure about setting up the reminders and multiple people working at the same. Hence we suggest you need a CRM software which is fit for purpose. Don’t be scared by hearing the word CRM. I know a CRM like SalesForce will hit you with a £60 per user per month billing or thousands of installation costs if chose to have a Server. I am not talking about SalesForce. There are CRM software that will let you have a FREE version with limited functionality and it gets the job done. For example, we use Hubspot CRM (Disclaimer: We are not associated with Hubspot in any way). It is web based, Free to use with limited functionality, offers mobile apps, etc…

If you are a one man band or a small business like us, please do a little research and invest time/money into a decent CRM software. Trust me in saying that it will make your business in the future. A wise man once said to me

Whatever you put into your CRM system will generate business in the future. So, make a habit of feeding the CRM.

He was 100% right.

Bottomline: Do not try to remember things, spreadsheets are for those who want to be (look like) busy, invest time in a decent CRM that fits your needs and you can thank me later. 

We would love to hear your views on this...