Check whether you or your users have local admin rights – Windows 7/10

More often than not you may have to give your user local admin rights some kind of software or uninstall something for you, as an IT admin. If you are taking over from another IT guy and would like to find out who has local admin rights on PCs. you can achieve this in two ways. One from client PC and another from server. Let’s look at how you do this from Client’s PC.

  • Click on the start menu and type Lusrmgr.msc and press enter
  • Then double click on the groups
  • Then expand the administrators group
  • Here you should ideally see Domain Admins & Local sys admin if you one
  • You can see all the people that have local admin rights in this window
  • If you think there are people that don’t need to be there select the name and remove.

This looks like a small thing but it’s a huge security risk for the business. No local admin rights nonsense!

You can also achieve this from server by going to ADUC, right click the computer in question, select properties, select users & Groups and rest is same as above.


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