Ingredients needed: 1 x Computer, 1 x Google Chome [or FireFox], 1 x Gmail account, 1 x Grammarly extension, 5 Minutes, some basic English and Salt to taste.

How in the world Grammar and Tech Advice are related? bear with me, technology is evolving.

English was not my first language and for the best part of my school, I didn’t study English either. I started speaking English 9 years ago when I moved to the UK. I know I am not the best at Grammar when it comes to writing emails/blogs/online content and I didn’t How bad I was 🙂 There is one skill I have been trying to master ‘Read your email once before you hit send’. But now, I don’t need to do that anymore as I found Grammarly.

If Grammarly is a person I probably would have bought a Xmas Gift.

Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension that reads what you are typing and suggests spelling errors as well as Grammar mistakes. To simply put, it is like Auto correct on dr*gs. It has saved me from an embarrassment many times and more importantly I now know how bad I am at Grammar. You can also get Grammarly for outlook and word files but I don’t use it much since I use Google Apps. RE pricing, the FREE plan has been working pretty well for me and I hope the same will work for you.

You get the point if you write emails with Gmail or blogs or anything in web browser get Grammarly extension. It will save your bacon. [Disclaimer: I am not a reseller of Grmmarly]

Food for thought: If you don’t use Google Chrome start using it, you will thank me later. If you don’t have a Gmail account create one. It’s free anyway, who cares?

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