What are spreadsheet companies?

I have seen companies that manage most of the chores with Excel Spreadsheets and do not want to move to next level. Here is an example, Imagine you are planning to book your time-off from work. Here are the steps involved

  1. You walk to HR office [where the holiday forms are kept] and pick up your holiday form.
  2. Walk back to your desk, Fill it in and submit it to your line manager [drop it off on his/her desk].
  3. Line manager authorises your time-off and passes it to HR office.
  4. HR personnel enters the info into a macro enabled Holiday spreadsheet which contains everyone’s holidays.
  5. Your line manager can also enter the data into Holiday Spreadsheet but the problem is he/she can’t edit it as someone else already got it opened.
  6. They call IT dept to find out who is using the document and then call the person.

The process is not just for holiday forms but also for weekly time sheets, purchase orders, expenses, etc… Sometimes, these spreadsheets are emailed around to save time but they still don’t want to move to a better system. Hence the reason I call them Spreadsheet Companies.

Can you imagine the scale of inefficiency? lost productivity time? Human errors? Companies lose hundreds of hours per month. On top of that, extra personnel required to support the process.

Technology has evolved and it’s not expensive. You don’t have to go through this.

If you are one of these companies and looking to be more efficient then give us a call [01224 51 61 81]. We can make your systems ridiculously efficient without breaking your bank.

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