Here are the reasons why you need a Google Account.

One of my friends drove all the way to Edinburgh from Aberdeen to make his visa application, he was asked to produce a photocopy of an important document but he forgot to bring it. When he first narrated it to me my response was, Have you heard of Google Drive?

If you are reading this post chances are you are using a browser and If you are a person who sends/receives emails regularly then read further. You may be missing out big time!


Do you know more than 50% of the people use Google Chrome? That’s like every other person uses Google Chrome to browse the internet. Only one in 10 people use Safari, Firefox and IE. So why people use Google Chrome? Apart from it’s easy to use, inbuilt search engine there is a little gem Chrome has and that is Chrome Store. Here are few things Chrome can do.

  • Chrome Store: Download apps and extensions. Mainly the later. My favourite extensions are Ad blocker then Gmail Checker, Lastpass, SimilarWeb, BuiltWith, Whatfont, BeLimitless, Google Dictionary and Sellhack.
  • Login into Chrome with your Google account so that you can sync Bookmarks, browsing history and passwords across the devices. You can have separate profiles for people.
  • Chrome auto-fill is just amazing. Here is a great post about other useful features of Google Chrome.


I used to use Yahoo mail as my primary email a few years ago then I bumped into Gmail and never went back. Gmail is by far the best email service I have ever used. If you are a working professional or small business owner I would highly encourage you to make a switch to Gmail. Here are the reasons why made switch to Google for my passion project AskJai.com.

  • Ease of Use, Great Spam Filtering, One-click unsubscribe to newsletters, categorization of Incoming mails, etc..
  • Extensions: Used with Chrome extensions Gmail is the best productivity tool. Few extensions I use are Gmail Checker, Mixmax, Sidekick and Gorgias. Other well known are Boomerang, Find Big Mail and Full Contact.

Gmail (Google apps for Business) is a PAID service for businesses and it’s worth every single penny.  If you are hosting your domain with GoDaddy and using their email service, stop it!


If you are carrying a flash drive to take your data with you it’s time to upgrade. Google Drive is simply awesome. Move your stuff to GD and it’s there at your finger tip. It’s same thing as Dropbox but cheaper if you would like to purchase more storage. Worry about security? give me a bell 🙂


Google docs, sheets, forms, slides, Calendar, Hangouts, YouTube and maps (remember to login into each). I can go on until middle of next week talking about why you should use each app and the point is


Seriously, how many email service providers give you these benefits? and better yet, they are all FREE.

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