Internet Connectivity in Aberdeen is good and it still surprises me how many businesses are running on basic broadband service.

How many times have you heard ‘My internet is slow‘? Well, if you are a business owner you have no excuse to say that unless you live in a very remote area.

Your Internet Connection is Not Internet Connection anymore.

Yes, that’s right. Some of us might think we need the internet connection just to browse the web but let me remind you, it’s much more than that now. It’s fair to call it ‘Connectivity’ to the outside world. With a decent connection, you can enable your business systems to be more efficient, flexible and reliable. For example, you can use Office 365, Telecoms, Good Drive, Dropbox, Netsuite, SalesForce, Pipedrive, etc… without any delays and most importantly you take the work with you then start from where you left. None of them has CapEx. In laymen terms, Cloud services. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘Cloud’. It’s here to stay and you are missing out if you ignore it.

Let’s just say Connectivity is the crucial part of any business. Now, how do you get the best connection possible? There are few popular options. Depending on the size of your business take your pick.

  1. Dedicated Leased Line – This can be expensive of all since it is dedicated to just your business. If you have more than 50 employees this could be the best option for you. Ask your provider, costs are coming down. Give me a bell if you need help.
  2. Broadband – You need to get at least BT infinity or equivalent. It is super fast.¬†There is no reason to get 4Mbps lines anymore unless you can’t get BT infinity. If you are around 20 employees or less and can’t afford a leased line then this will do the job for you.
  3. Mobile Broadband – This is for the home office and it is often ignored. If you are remote and can’t get superfast internet like me mobile broadband is your best friend. Most mobile networks are now offering 15GB, 20GB and 25GB 4G data for as little as ¬£10 a month. Find out which network has a good coverage near you and get the best deal. Then use your smartphone as a router (almost every smartphone has this feature). My vote goes to EE if it’s available.

Technology is changing rapidly and getting less expensive at the same time. Invest in right technology to achieve your business goals more efficiently and faster. When you are on the hunt for a service always start with your requirements and If you don’t know what to chose from, give us a bell. We will be happy to help.

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