Yes, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is DEAD. If you are still using HDD on your PC (laptop/desktop/MacBook) you have been given wrong advice or nobody cared about your loss of productivity.

HDD was a great choice for a while. They are cheap and you can get bigger storage. On the other hand, Solid State Drives (SSD) were expensive and you could only get smaller storage size. Times have changed and now 480GB SSD costs you not more than £110. Ideally, for most of us, we only need a drive with 240GB storage and that costs not more than £70. The same size HDD might cost you £30. But why should you spend more to get SSD? Have a look at the image below.


How many times do you or your team opens/closes a word file per day? An excel file? Outlook? Web browser? How long does it to take login in the morning? Now look at the image and do the numbers. How much time can you save? One you have the answer you will have a guilty feeling of not investing in SSD earlier. You will get Returns of Investment (ROI) in just 10days. as far as I am aware, There is no other product in the market which gives you ROI in 10 days. Did any of your team complain about the computer being slow? Well, replace the disk with SSD and you will save time for both.

What it costs you to make the change? The cost of making the change is the cost of HDD plus 1-2hr of IT engineer’s time and the cost of not making the change is huge [Shameless plug: If you have 10 employees we can make this change in a day at a day rate]. All the software and files will be intact. The employee doesn’t have to worry about losing his/her files or settings. Everything will be as is.

We have recently saved 600hours per month for a company of 70 people. That is the time for 4 x full-time employees. What you do with that time is up to you to decide. Hope I have left you better than I found you.


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