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Cloud Computing

What is it?

Cloud Computing Services provide all or parts of an organisation’s IT infrastructure in a fully managed and hosted environment accessed remotely via a secure internet connection. Rather than purchasing and maintaining the systems and software necessary to run a business on-site, this technology is made available in a “Cloud” of online resources. This allows companies to remotely store and access their data and supporting systems safely and securely – saving time, space and expense.

Is The Cloud Right For YOUR Business?

That depends on your business. While we appreciate the range of benefits Cloud Services can deliver, we realise not every business should be placed on the fast track to this option.

There are serious advantages to moving to the Cloud, but it’s important to take a customised approach to determine the best onsite vs. offsite solution for your organisation. TheTechForce will work with your business to recommend the right options to meet your needs.

There Are No Cookie Cutter Cloud Solutions

We deliver a wide range of Cloud Services, each or all of which can be tailored to provide significant benefits to your organisation:

  • Private Cloud Services allow you to host your IT infrastructure virtually in our secure data centers saving cost, improving reliability and increasing mobile access.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery continuously and reliably backs-up your on-premise data and systems to the Cloud where they can quickly be recovered in the event of a disaster.
  • Hosted Email prevents spam and various kinds of malware from entering your network while improving speed and ease of access for your people.

Additional Services

Business Internet

For any cloud computing service to work properly you will need a good business grade internet connection. We can provide exactly that. We work with 3 Internet Connectivity providers in Aberdeen to get the best value for your money. Give us a call.

Business Telecoms

For startups and SMEs there is no reason to have an expensive telephone system. As you may already know there are endless possibilities with Cloud and one of them being Hosted Voice. We can provide hosted voice solutions that fits your business needs. Once again, for the hosted voice to work properly you will need a good business grade internet connection.

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