Let’s look at the officer at the Border Security Control. His job is to make sure the wrong guys [people that don’t tick the boxes] don’t get in and the good ones get into the country. That’s no problem at all but where’s the risk? Good ones are not a risk neither are the bad ones as they don’t get in anyway. The risk is with the unknown ones. If an unknown one ticks the boxes he will let them in. That’s exactly how your Anti-Virus software works.

Most Anti-Virus (AV) software exists today works on a signature basis which means it has a database of bad guys and everytime you try to execute something it checks against its database then allow/deny the program to run. Depending on your Anti-virus provider the database update regularly, usually every hour. If it’s not in the database your AV thinks it’s good enough to run. The database is an opportunity for bad guys. The window of opportunity, in this case, is one hour but sometimes, this could be days/weeks/months.

What if your AV can block everything that is unknown and waits for approval? Classifies all the software across the network? Protects against the malware too? That would be the next generation Anti-Virus software and That’s exactly what Sophos and Panda Security came up with. Sophos are working on a product called Intercept X and Panda Security already has a product called Panda Adaptive Defence 360. They both are more than an End Protection Software.

Although both products do the similar job, there are few differences. Sophos Intercept X is still in early stages, doesn’t work with servers, need to install Sophos endpoint as well as Intercept X and finally need to pay for both. On other hand Panda Adaptive Defence 360 is in version 7.6, is just one console that works with servers too and pricing is very competitive. Panda security is cloud based AV and has a great admin interface. I have deployed and used Panda for 3years for 175 users. Here is a sample video

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What Anti-Virus software do you use at the moment and why?

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